College information

Co-educational, private schooling that offers each child quality, individual attention with small classes in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

1. Educational principles

  • Small classes where each child has quality time with their teacher, receiving a focused, stimulating and exciting education
  • A broader education designed to not only expose the children to life skills, but to engender independence and lateral thinking.
  • Instill and ingrain an appreciative awareness of our sensitive ecology.
  • To develop life skills through practical hands-on and “real-life” experiences.
  • Our children will understand and respect the necessity to maintain harmony between ourselves, our environment, its natural resources and our fellow beings.
  • English medium
  • Grades 0 – 7
  • Playgroup
  • Aftercare
  • Small classes
  • Secure rural setting

2. Mission

Our mission includes: a balanced way of teaching in which academic, artistic and physical education subjects are taught in a manner that encourages integration between social and emotional development. we strive to develop an excellent relationship between pupils, teachers, parents and the community. we encourage freedom of discussion and a healthy respect for opposing points of view. we consider politeness, courtesy, honesty, respect, self-confidence and integrity to be core values, incorporated in every school activity. preparing children socially and emotionally for their future with a broader understanding and respect for society and its diversity, thus enabling them to enter adulthood with confidence and vision.

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